About Jeff - Jeff G Allen

Artist Statement

My art is a reflection of how I perceive the world around me. It is a personal expression of the ever-present beauty I witness within nature as well as within the man-made since even the synthetic ultimately comes from and is inspired by nature. Through these perceptions, I experience a sense of harmony and innocence that is often lacking in the actions of our societal behaviors. I am reminded that peace is still abundant in this otherwise chaotic world. I have chosen photography as my medium of expression because I wish to begin with that which is real within our experiences. This way, when my art succeeds in engaging an individual, that person can connect with something real and perhaps familiar to their own experiences. How often do we fail to see the everyday beauty around us; fail to "stop and smell the roses?" I hope to present to you a few of those moments, thus offering another chance to savor those small things that give our lives perspective. It is my goal that when you consider my images, you will feel that same sense of harmony that I felt when I encountered the scene and as you contemplate further, you will discover a sense of wonder in both the anticipated and the unexpected.
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